This page contains the links to various historical documents on the activities of MRC/MRA and the WVU Crew Club and of people who made Mon Rowing history. More will be added as “new” material may become available . Accurate history can only be written with access to original documents. What you find on these pages is a compilation of scanned documents to which current officers of MRA have access to, and some interpretation of those same documents.  If you have old pictures or other documents about Rowing in Morgantown we would like to hear from you. If you have documents that you which to contribute please send it to us info@monrowing.org


“Modern rowing” started in Morgantown in 1966 with the chartering of the Mountaineer Rowing Club. The club name changed to Monongahela Rowing Club in 1976, and finally to its current form in 1982. Our long term goals include the support of collegiate and high school rowing in Morgantown.


Although “modern rowing” only started in 1966, rowing was in fact the second recognized sport at WVU for both men and more surprisingly, for women as well.

Dr. Eck wrote of it in an article published in the 1980’s…

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