Membership in MRA is open to any individual who wishes to engage in the pursuit of the sport of rowing or wishes to support the long term goals of the organization.

The Monongahela Rowing Association, Inc. (MRA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 member driven organization, dedicated to promoting education and active participation, in the sport of rowing for people of all ages in the Monongahela Valley. MRA is a member of US Rowing.

Rowing is not simply an activity, it’s an Experience!

However, because it is a water sport and an outdoor activity,  it is an experience which requires commitment and the ability to perform tasks not suitable for all.

Those new to the sport of Rowing please read the additional requirements in LEARN TO ROW

Membership Privileges

Frequently asked Question: What do I get for my membership?

  • Certified Member Rowers have free access to the boathouse, usage of MRA Sculling equipment, access to Sweep rowing, and other training tools.
  • The satisfaction to participate in a fantastic sport right here in Morgantown.
  • Rowing is a low impact sport that provides a whole body cardiovascular work-out.
  • The ability to enjoy the peace and quiet of the river, right in town.
  • Camaraderie and the satisfaction of supporting a community organization.
  • Ability to help support a youth rowing development program.
  • MRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Membership and donations are tax deductible.

Experienced Rowers can start rowing upon completion of a water test.

All dues and fees must be paid for Memberships to be in good standing.


  • General memberships are on a Calendar Year basis, (not pro-rated)
  • New Membership fee $50.00 (orientation, intro lesson and newcomer materials)
  • General Membership $200.00 (may include 1 minor dependent)
  • Family Membership $400.00 (up to 2 adult members + additional dependent minors)
  • Honorary Membership and Contributing Membership (as determined by the Board)
  • Individual Instruction fees $25.00/hour
  • Shell Racking $150.00/year (if space available)
  • In addition to the stated fees, members are expected to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours yearly, serving MRA and its causes.

To join, download the MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION and LIABILITY RELEASE forms from resources page, complete the forms and send together with check in the mail.

Email us at with your name, email address,  and phone number for immediate contact. List prior experience, and where acquired.

We will schedule an intro session and  Experienced Rowers can start rowing upon completion of a water test.

All dues and fees must be paid for Memberships to be in good standing.

Send correspondence to:

Monongahela Rowing Association, P.O. Box 1512, Morgantown, WV 26507