Women World Rowing Best Times [2013,Wikepedia]

Boat Time Crew Nation Year Meet Location Ref
W1x Single sculls 7:07.71 Rumyana Neykova Bulgaria Bulgaria 2002 Seville, Spain
W2- Coxless pairs 6:53.80 Georgeta Andrunache Viorica Susanu Romania Romania 1999 Lucerne, Switzerland
W2x Double sculls 6:38.78 Georgina Evers-Swindell Caroline Evers-Swindell New Zealand New Zealand 2002 Seville, Spain
W4- Coxless four 6:25.35 Kate Hornsey Amber Bradley Jo Lutz Robyn Selby Smith Australia Australia 2006 Eton, England
W4x Quad sculls 6:09.38 Julia Richter Carina Baer Tina Manker Stephanie Schiller Germany Germany 2012 Lucerne, Switzerland
W8+ Eight 5:54.16 Amanda Polk Kerry Simmonds Emily Regan Lauren Schmetterling Grace Luczak Caroline Lind Victoria Opitz Heidi Robbins Katelin Snyder (coxswain) United States United States 2013 Lucerne, Switzerland [3]
LW1x Lightweight single sculls 7:28.15 Constanţa Burcică Romania Romania 1994 Paris, France
LW2- Lightweight coxless pairs 7:18.32 Eliza Blair Justine Joyce Australia Australia 1997 Lac d’Aiguebelette, France
LW2x Lightweight double sculls 6:49.43 Louise Ayling Julia Edward New Zealand New Zealand 2012 Lucerne, Switzerland
LW4x Lightweight quadruple sculls 6:23.96 Liu Jing Fan Xuefei Chen Haixia Yu Hua (rower) China China 2006 Eton, England

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